Ergodyne Skullerz&Acirc&reg Loki Safety Glasses // Sunglasses, Black, In/Outdoor Lens

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The Skullerz® Loki Safety Glasses are full-frame named after Loki, the Norse Deity of Mischief. Designed to be worn as regular sunglasses or as safety goggles by removing the temples and attaching the included strap and adding the removable foam gasket for a dust-beating seal. These protective work safety sunglasses feature tough scratch-resistant lenses filter 99.9 percent of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays to keep your eyes safe in the sun. The durable frames bend and flex without breaking. Non-slip rubber temples keep the glasses secure and resist sweat. LENS TECHNOLOGIES Available with apolarized lens or with anti-fogging solution for glasses. The polarized safety glasses reduce glare and eye fatigue around water, snow and in other bright environments. Anti-glare safety glasses have long been favorites of boaters and people who enjoy fishing and sports on the water because they block the harsh reflected light from water, keeping eyes comfortable around glare. Anti-fog safety glasses with Fog-Offâ„¢ treatment won’t wash off or wear off for fog-free viewing no matter what you’re doing. Great for use with dust masks, these lenses won’t fog so you can focus on the job at hand. TESTED & APPROVED These impact-resistant safety glasses are tested to ANSI Z87.1+ High-Velocity Impact Protection and optical requirements. ANSI Z87.1 is the US standard for Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices and is listed on the frame. Skullerz® glasses are also tested to MIL-PRF-32432 Ballistic Fragmentation, Class 1, which is the US Military Combat Eye Protection System Performance Specification for eyewear. To pass the military standard, safety glasses must withstand a steel projectile shot at 660 ft / 201m per second which is 4x faster than the Z87+ standard. Lenses must not puncture, crack or shatter. Frames must retain the lenses and not break. These good looking safety sunglasses are great for protecting your eyes during outdoor work like construction, carpentry/woodworking or landscaping. Also great for outdoor hobbies like boating, skiing, fishing, hunting/shooting, sports and more. CHOOSING THE RIGHT LENS Skullerz® ANSI-Rated Safety Glasses are available in a variety of lens options ideally suited for a variety of tasks and light environments. Choose from: Clear – indoor, low light, nighttime Yellow – indoor, overcast, flat and low light Indoor/Outdoor – indoor, nighttime, hazy, cloudy Smoke – outdoor, bright light Copper – outdoor, bright light, high contrast Silver Mirror – outdoor, bright light, glare Blue Mirror – outdoor, bright light, glare Polarized Smoke – outdoor, bright light, glare Polarized Copper – outdoor, bright light, glare, high contrast, water Polarized G15 – outdoor, bright light, glare, high contrast, water Fog-Offâ„¢ Clear – indoor, low light, nighttime Fog-Offâ„¢ indoor/Outdoor – indoor, nighttime, hazy, cloudy Fog-Offâ„¢ Smoke – outdoor, bright light

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